Town of Afton Organizational Chart

organizational chart


The Town of Afton is a relatively flat organization, with ultimate oversight by the residents of Afton. Day to day management of Town operations is handled by the Town Administrator, whom oversees multiple departments that provide services to residents and visitors alike. Current Town Administrator Hyun Kim has been with the Town since 2013. The purpose of this position is to provide an effective organization that instills trust and confidence in the Town of Afton government - and to deliver the highest quality services to Afton residents.

The office of the Town Clerk is responsible to keep accurate records of all Town proceedings, with oversight over Town ordinances and resolutions. Lisa Hokanson has served the residents of Afton for over 21 years of service. Financial oversight is overseen by Heather Warren, Town Treasurer, who provides professional oversight over municipal funds.

The Administration of the Town of Afton is here to serve you. We can assist you in the following:

• Connecting you with the Afton Town Council.
• Helping you get connected to the Town, and providing you with the best service we can offer.
• Assisting your new or existing business to be successful.
• Finding volunteer opportunities that meet your needs.
• Keeping you informed and involved with the Town.

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